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Hello! We are proud to introduce you to our brand new cleaning
system based on pure
botanical extracts.

Cleaning and refreshing moist cloth for fur, leather and textile care at home.

Cleaning and restoring complex for professional use in dry cleaners.

What’s inside

  • Clover

    Famous for its antiseptic qualities and ability to fill the material with nutrients.

  • Nettle

    Improves weather-resistant qualities of a material and charges it with strength and vitality.

  • Rose hips

    A «knock-out» dose of polyvitamins inside the fruits provides nutrition, suppleness and shine.

  • Kiwi

    Softens fibres of the material and provides access to it for active components.

Who benefits

  • Person

    Easy and safe way to clean your clothes
  • Clothing stores

    Steady increase in income
  • Dry cleaners

    Competitive services for your clients
  • Ateliers and fashion houses

    High customer loyalty
There are no borders to start working with Salad.

To become our partner, or for further information, just drop us a line.