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Auto-balm neutralizing

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Neutralizes residual chemical compounds after dry cleaning, normalizes pH balance. Used only after treatment with chemicals.
Salad does not guarantee the removal of stale spots and stain remover results at home.

How to use

Prepare a solution of 3.5 ml of balsam and 1 liter of water with a temperature of no more than 60 ○ C and whip it into a foam, apply a foam on the part with a brush and clean. After cleaning, wipe it with a towel, often rinsing it in the solution, and let the parts dry completely.

What’s inside

  •  Aqua (water)
  •  Urtica (nettle)
  •  Betula alba (birch) leaves
  •  Matricaria (chamomile)
  •  Rosa majalis (wild rose) root
  •  Citric acid
  •  Taraxacum (dandelion)
  •  Pterídium aquilínum (bracken)
  •  Populus tremula (aspen) bark

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