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Textile care

Gentle soap

140 ml/1000 ml of water (for deep cleaning) 3 ml/1000 ml of water (for basic cleaning)
Enough to care for
up to 700 garments up to 1000 garments
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Provides basic cleaning for cashmere and wool, removes greasy marks around the coat collar and sleeves, removes blue jean stains and shoe polish marks from the lining. Can also be used to clean purse lining, shoe lining, hat and helmet lining.

Avoid applying to linen cloth.

How to use

Greasy or coloured marks removing: Make a solution by dissolving 140ml of the balm in 1l of water, fill up a foamer and apply the foam to fabric. Use a brush to clean the area. Moisten a terry towel and wring the water out. Wipe the fabric and rinse the towel with water. Repeat as much as needed until the garment gets clean.
Basic cashmere and wool cleaning: Make a solution by dissolving 3ml of the balm in 1l of water. Moisten a terry towel with the solution and wring it out. Wipe the fabric and rinse the towel with water until the garment gets clean.

What’s inside

Firming balm
Сloth care

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