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Auto-balm for smooth skin

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Removes pollution of any complexity, except for old stains (from two weeks) and the effects of self-cleaning. Used as the main skin cleanser.
Salad does not guarantee the removal of stale spots and stain remover results at home.

How to use

Prepare a solution of 3.5 ml of balsam and 1 liter of water with a temperature of no more than 60 ○ C and whip it into a foam, apply a foam on the part with a brush and clean. After cleaning, wipe it with a towel, often rinsing it in the solution, and let the parts dry completely.

What’s inside

  •  Aqua (water)
  •  Tanacetum (tansy)
  •  Urtica (nettle)
  •  Betula alba (birch) leaves
  •  Matricaria (chamomile)
  •  Rosa majalis (wild rose) root
  •  Citric acid
  •  Salix (willow) bark
  •  Taraxacum (dandelion)
  •  Saponaria (soapwort)
  •  Populus tremula (aspen) bark
  •  Arctium (burdock)
  •  Citrullus lanatus (watermelon) rind
  •  Larix (larch) bark
  •  Schisandra (magnolia vine)

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