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Fur care, Leather care, Textile care, Car care

Auto-balm for removing stains of paint and glue

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Removes stains of paint, glue, mounting foam from fur, all types of skin and most types of fabric (wool, cashmere, cotton, etc.)
Salad does not guarantee the removal of stale spots and stain remover results at home.

How to use

Handle contamination with a gauze swab soaked in balsam until the stain is completely impregnated. Clean the cloth with a clean cloth. After treatment, use a stain remover of greasy stains.

What’s inside

  •  Tanacetum (tansy)
  •  Urtica (nettle)
  •  Betula alba (birch) leaves
  •  Matricaria (chamomile)
  •  Rosa majalis (wild rose) root
  •  Taraxacum (dandelion)
  •  Pinus sibirica (Siberian pine) nut oil
  •  Citrullus lanatus (watermelon) rind
  •  Malic asid

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