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Fur care

Protein stain remover

140 ml/1000 ml of water
Enough to care for
up to 200 m2
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Removes protein-based stains such as milk, egg, blood, vomit, urine and so on. To get rid of fresh stains, use Protein stain remover before basic cleaning.

For old stains use firstly Cleanser, then Protein stain remover, then Cleanser again. Be aware that some old stains (over 2 weeks) or stains after poor spot cleaning at home may not be removed.

How to use

Make a solution by dissolving 140ml of the balm in 1l of water, fill up a foamer and apply the foam to the stain. Moisten a terry towel and wring the water out. Wipe the fur in the direction the hair grows rinsing the towel with water frequently.

What’s inside

Grease stain remover

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